Glass, Technology Erosion and Conservation


The book contains in the first chapter historical data with the evolution of glass in several areas of the Greek world and several areas of Europe with great tradition in glass, just like Venice and Bohemia.

In the second chapter, data relative to the technology and decoration of glass objects from the antiquity till today are presented.

In the third chapter types of erosion of glass materials, due to humidity, atmospheric pollution, biological depositions, temperature variation and previous procedures of conservation are presented.

In the fourth chapter, data on conservation and restoration of glass objects are described: analysis of structure material of the objects, cleaning and consolidation of the surfaces, joining-adhesion of the fragments, completion of lost parts and final retouching of the object.

In the fifth chapter basic data on polymers in conservation are presented. In the sixth chapter basic data on the selection of a completion material of glass are presented. In the seventh chapter basic data of dyes and pigments are presented. In the eighth chapter basic studies of dyes in polymer materials in action of UV radiation are presented.

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This book is printed in Greek language.


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